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Candy Buffet Kits-In-A-Box

We pack the customization, convenience and quality of our full service candy buffets into a box and deliver it right to your door – Nationwide!

Custom Candy Buffet Kits-In-A-Box

Starting at $150 – Ship Anywhere in the US

Our Candy Buffets Kits In-A-Box option allow us to pack the customization, convenience, and quality of our full service candy buffets into a box and deliver it right to your door – Nationwide! We created this option as a way to serve those customers who are either located outside of our full service travel range (50 square miles from NYC), or are hosting a smaller event where meeting our minimum full service sale price ($1,000) is not practical.

Each Candy Buffet Kit includes everything you need to set up your candy buffet based on the number of guests. We remove all of the guesswork and hassle of shopping for candy buffet supplies yourself, while still allowing you the ability to customize.
We currently offer 3 different kits sizes organized by party size; 25 Person Kit, 40 Person Kit, and 60 Person Kit. Prices range from $150 to $360 (shipping not included). Each kit includes a choice of candy equal to ½ pound per guest, the appropriate amount of jars/containers (plastic & acrylic), scoops and tongs, candy labels, take-away bags and a 5”X7” white picture frame containing a gratuity message.
Order Process:
Simply click on the Candy Buffet Kits-In-A-box icon and you will be brought directly to our kit builder tool. First, you will choose the kit size that best fits your event. Then you will be given a choice of base-line color patterns to choose from. Choose the one that best fits your event theme and color pattern. If you do not see a perfect match, don’t worry. Our edit tool will allow you to adjust the candy selections accordingly. The color pattern you choose will generate a list of suggested candy selections for that color pattern, as well as suggested jar placement and arrangement of those candies. If you are happy with our suggested candy selections, great!. Just add it to the cart and you are done. If, however, you would like to make some edits, you can do that as well. Just click on the edit tab attached to each candy selection. This will allow you to sort and search our full library of candy selections and select a replacement for that candy. In the preview display window, your new candy selection will appear in the same jar as the candy you replaced. However, once your kit arrives you are free to arrange the candy and jars in any way you desire. The preview display is just meant to give you a good idea of how your candy selections will look when displayed together.
Want to add more features and customization? Not a problem. Once you finish making all of the selections that come standard with your candy buffet kit, you will then be given the option to add a customized-backdrop, additional jars of any type, additional candy and additional accessories.
All Custom Candy Buffet Kits In-A-Box orders must be received at least 14 days prior to your event.

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Product Details

Kit Size
25 Person Kit
Candy Amount Included
13 lbs
4 Candy Choices
Number of Jars Included
Accessories Included
3 Scoops, 1 Tong, Candy Labels, 5"x7" Framed Sign
Price (shipping not included)
Kit Size
Candy Amount Included
Number of Jars Included
Accessories Included
Price (shipping not included)
25 Person Kit
13 lbs
4 Candy Choices
3 Scoops, 1 Tong, Candy Labels, 5"x7" Framed Sign
Jars & Accessories Details:
(2) Clear Plastic Tall Pedestal Jar ­ 56oz (5" Wide, 12.5" Tall)
(2) Clear Plastic Martini Jar ­ 25oz (7" Wide, 10" Tall)
(2) Clear Plastic Trifle Bowl ­ 40oz (6" Wide, 4.5" Tall)
(1) Clear Plastic Flared Bowl ­ 30oz (7" Wide, 3.5" Tall)
(3) Clear Plastic Scoops ­ 1oz (6.5" Long)
(1) Clear Plastic Tongs ­ 1oz (6.5" Long)
(25) White Paper Take­-Away Bags (6" X 9")
(1) White 5" X 7" Picture Frame with Gratuity Message
Candy Labels

Optional Add-Ons (Not included in kit price)

Add a Backdrop

Adding a backdrop is the best way to turn up the “Wow” factor of your candy buffet. A backdrop is also a great way to incorporate the theme of your party into your candy buffet. Click here to browse our extensive library of back drop styles. When you find the one you like best, you’ll be able to personalize it.

Add more jars

Click below to browse our full inventory of clear plastic and acrylic jars. Add as many individual jars to your cart as you please. This option allows you to further customize your Kit In-A-Box, and/or simply increase the size of your kit without having to upgrade to the next available kit size.

Add more candy

Although each of our kits come standard with plenty of candy needed for the designated party size, you may want even more variety for your guests. Or, you may have added more jars to your kit and now need more candy to fill those jars. Here you can view our full menu of candy options and add individual candy selections to your shopping cart.

Add accessories

Here you can continue to further customize and upgrade your candy buffet kit by shopping our full assortment of candy buffet accessories.


• Are the jars glass or plastic?

The jars included in our Kits In-A-Box are a mix of plastic and acrylic. No glass. They are clear and completely transparent, and although they are light weight when empty, they are very sturdy once filled with candy.

• Are the jars mine to keep, and are they reusable?

Yes, everything in the kit is yours to keep. The jars are certainly reusable for another candy buffet, or for whatever other use you may find for them. When cleaning the jars, avoid using dishwashing detergents and typical kitchen sponges as they may damage the clear finish of your jars and leave behind a hazy film. Instead, simply rinse your jars in warm water and use either a small amount of lemon oil or baking soda to help remove grime and deposits. After rinsing, wipe clean with a dry, non-abrasive cloth. Do not utilize a dishwasher.

• After my event is over, if I have no further use for the jars, can I return them for a refund?

No, we do not accept returns for any item in the kits. Although you may find good use for your jars after your event, they are inexpensive enough to be simply disposed of if you do not wish to keep them.

• Can I change the types of jars that come with my selected kit?

No, the jar types that come with each kit are standard and cannot be altered. You can, however, click on the link to the left labeled “Add more Jars”. This will bring you to a list of individual jars we sell separately. Here you can add one or more additional jars to your order that you can then incorporate into your candy buffet.

• Can I order more candy than the allowable candy choices for a specific kit?

Yes, by using the “Add more Candy” link on the lower left hand side of this page. Any additional candy you choose will be an additional cost.

• How far in advance of my event should I order my Candy Buffet Kit In-A-Box?

The sooner the better. Although we stock some the more popular candy types, many of our candies, to include specific colors, are ordered by demand only. Ordering early better ensures that we will be able to fulfill all of your candy selections in time for your event. The latest we can except an order is 14 calendar days before your desired delivery date. If you would like to order early but don’t want to receive you kit that early, that’s not a problem. Upon checkout simply use our delayed shipping option. This option will allow you to select a delivery date that can be closer to our actual event date.

• Can I return or cancel my order after it has been placed?

No, all sales of Candy Buffet Kits In-A-Box are final. However, if you have selected delayed shipping and your order is not yet within 14 days of shipping, we will allow you to cancel with a full refund. If you also ordered a customize backdrop, we will not be able to refund your backdrop fee if it has already been printed.

Lets Build Yours !!
Each kit includes a choice of candy equal to ½ pound per guest, the displayed jars/containers (plastic & acrylic), scoops and tongs, candy labels, take-away bags and a 5”X7” white picture frame containing a gratuity message. Everything is yours to keep.
2. Select Color Pattern (select a color pattern)
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Please allow 14 days for shipping and handling